NRX Taping


For sports and everyday life: NRX®-Dynamic joint stabilisation and correction

Thomas Eriksson, a leading orthopaedic technician at the Swedish company Mediroyal, is responsible for NRX® , a kind of transition between kinesiotape and orthoses (devices that are close to the body, which fix, support, relieve and replace lost function).

Thanks to NRX®, therapists have the possibility to carry out precise corrections on their patients without hindering physiological movements. After an injury, it is common to encounter unjustified immobilisation maintained for too long or rigid fixations applied for too long. This results in movement patterns that are different from the physiological ones. Therefore, the body "forgets" the correct movements and, as a result, deformities can occur. This is because prolonged immobilisation reduces muscle strength and slows down blood and lymph circulation, which in turn hinders tissue healing. NRX®, however, offers the freedom of movement without pain, while stabilising and correcting according to the function.

NRX® MATERIALNRX® is made of skin-friendly, mineral-rich neoprene, free of harmful substances and latex (tested by SGS Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene). Its inner surface features micro-perforations (i.e. tiny holes) that ensure water and moisture permeability. The outer surface is made of a "velvet effect" material with a pleasant feel. Unlike many fabrics, this will not make you feel itchy. Thanks to its material, it does not slip and is secured with a special Velcro fastener.


Unlike taditional off-the-shelf orthoses, NRX® is made by the therapist to suit the patient's specific problem, making it much more comfortable once more dynamic, larger range of motion is allowed.

In addition:

  • stabilises

  • corrects

  • provides mechanical protection

  • relieves pain

  • improves proprioception

Proprioception, the sense of joint position, plays an important role in the dynamic stability of the joint, protecting the joint and is also responsible for safe movement.

NRX® can be used in everyday life for a variety of injuries/affections, whether hand surgery, rheumatology, orthopaedic conditions, both upper and lower limb.

  • tennis elbow, golf elbow

  • wrist joint involvement

  • tendonitis

  • finger flexion/flexion support

  • for athletes, Buddy Loop (finger locking)

  • hammer finger

  • Hallux valgus

  • knee joint stabilisation

  • ankle stabilisation

  • lower back pain

In addition to these, it can also be used in land sports (e.g. beach volleyball, football, basketball, dance) and water sports, as it does not get wet and does not hinder the athlete's movement. It is cost-effective as it can be worn for months. It has a strong corrective effect and can be easily removed and replaced at any time. NRX® is machine washable.