Our doctors

At our clinic doctors from various fields work alongside each other to assure the highest quality of medical care. 


Beside orthopedic problems, rheumatic and neurological symptoms may also be assessed, diagnosed and treated at our Hand Clinic. Should a peripheral nerve need be assessed (i.e. in case of carpal tunnel sydroma) we provide ENG (electroneurography) assessments to test and quantify the nerve conduction. 


Communication is key at our clinic - we strive towards flawless and continuous communication between doctors and therapists, as well as between the patients and their healthcare providers. We are convinced that this way all assessment and therapy options, informations, advices and options can be discovered, discussed and understood, so we can choose the most optimal one that leads towards healing, 


We believe in patient-oriented thinking and a complex patient care system - similar to the structure used in Western European and American central hospitals.