Dr. Träger Márton



Intensive Care Specialist

Pain Therapist

Specialization: As an anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist, my main area of interest is the comprehensive treatment of chronic pain patients.



What can I help you with?

 As an anesthesiologist, intensive care specialist, and pain therapist, based on my experience at the Catholic University of Leuven and my European Diploma of Pain Medicine from the European Pain Federation (EFIC), I am available to provide treatment for chronic limb pain in my practice.

Our team relies on the cooperation of various specialties such as physiotherapy, psychology, surgery, and anesthesiology. We believe that chronic pain can only be effectively managed by considering the patient's biological, psychological, and social factors in a holistic approach.

During your appointment, we will conduct a physical examination, take a thorough medical history, review relevant healthcare documentation and test results, and develop a treatment plan, which may include:

• Local topical pain relief preparations

• Oral medication prescriptions

• Physiotherapy and physical therapy plans

• Organizing consultations with other specialties as needed, such as hand surgery, orthopedics, psychology, and neurology.





• 2015: General Medical Degree, University of Debrecen

• 2021: Residency in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, University of Leuven, Belgium

• 2022: European Diploma of Pain Medicine


Work Experience:

• 2016-2021: Residency Training, Catholic University Hospital of Leuven, Belgium

• 2016-2018: Professional training at AZ Turnhout, Turnhout, Belgium (part of the residency program)

• 2021-2022: Fellowship in Chronic Pain Therapy, Catholic University Hospital of Leuven, Belgium

• 2021-present: Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis, Leuven

• 2022-present: Budai Egészségközpont, National Spine Center


Other Professional Experience:

• 2013-2015: Research and Demonstrator activity, Institute of Immunology, University of Debrecen

• 2014: Wolfson Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel




• "Activation of the sigma-1 receptor by specific ligands inhibits human inflammatory dendritic cell functions and effector T-lymphocyte responses" by Attila Szabo, Marton Trager, Attila Kovacs, Ede Frecska, Eva Rajnavolgyi

• "CBD-oil for pain management: myths and evidence" by M. Träger, B. MorlIon (Acta Anaesth. Belg., 2021, 72, 263-274)

• "Successfully Treated New-Onset Pilocytic Astrocytoma in a Pregnant Patient" by M. Trager, M. Sabbe (Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports, 2020; V5(6): 1-4)


Training Courses:

• Advanced Life Support

• Echo Bachelor Class Echocardiography Course

• Cadaver Workshop for Locoregional Anesthesia, Brussels, Belgium (2020)

• Virtual Pain Educational Summit, EFIC (2020)

• Virtual Pain Educational Summit, EFIC (2021)

• Better Pain Management Online Course, Australia (2021)

• Pain in Europe Congress, EFIC (2022)

• Pain School International (2022-2023)



• Reménysugár Nappali Melegedő, Debrecen (2014-2015)

• Pediatric Clinic, University of Debrecen (2014-2015)


Scientific Memberships:

• MAITT (Hungarian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy)

• Belgian Pain Society

• European Pain Federation