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In case of hand and wrist problems we offer consultations to find underlying cause of the symptoms. Within our facility, we can arrange, X-rays, MRI and CT scans within a short timeframe. Depending on the problem, a holistic treatment plan, a great variety of medical aids, and if needed, surgery plans are provided for both adults and children of all ages. In case you need  surgery, we accompany you from the diagnosis, through the surgery itself, up until the end of your rehabilitation.


At our department of rehabilitation we are proud to work with experienced and highly trained physiotherapists, equipped with a wide variety of modern tools.

We use a holistic approach so whether we treat the simplest problems or the most complex cases, we always focus on the individual needs of the patient. Physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy, surgical dressings, special medical aids and therapeutic tools are all provided by our therapists. 


At our clinic, teamwork is a priority and a necessity for us to be able to provide a holistic and complex treatment plan. The teamwork of medical doctors from different fields, physiotherapists and massage therapists ensures that the most effective solution may be found.