These are customs duty and value-added tax, which are charged on every import. No one is allowed to bring in any time making kits, as well as books … However, most of them could be dangerous in some circumstances. Complete list of PROHIBITED ITEMS according to Saudi Customs: Alcohol-containing items, flavoring extracts, cooking wines, liquor, items containing liquor. Saudi Arabia strictly prohibits adult movies, and in case they find it with you, they will punish you. It applies to alcohol. The government placed a ban on the development, importation, production, stockpiling and use of weapons. Following Items banned from import into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1. 2) Foreign Currency. Detonators, electrical sticks, pepper spray and similar articles.. - Prohibited & Restricted Goods maker Oman Customs Law … In addition to items prohibited by Dangerous and Prohibited Goods & Packaging Post Guide and ECI International Courier Regulations, Saudi Arabia prohibits: Alcohol; … They simply do not allow toys like that, especially if they represent live animals and human beings. Ivory and ivory products. Cancel reply. Home / Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items. works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver) Dangerous goods/hazardous materials. MyUS cannot ship any banned items to KSA, including, but not limited to: Alcoholic beverages and liquor For more information about posting an item to Saudi Arabia please refer to the Saudi Arabia Post website. The Saudi Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs’ Environmental Control Department tests … However, many of those rules are official, and you can find them on the government site. The items are allowed in hand carry bags with maximum of 2 pieces only. That does not mean that Saudi Arabia forbids having and taking electrical devices when coming to their country. Prohibited Items. Each country has its own culture and customs. The world is your office and everyone is your client. USPS international mailing guidelines explain what you may ship overseas by air and with APO, FPO, and DPO. However, the list of prohibited and restricted items makes the country itself, so firstly you should do it is to check their legislation. Math Captcha 21 − = 13. meat, fat, blood) are … Items Prohibited For Import To Saudi Arabia. People that are about to travel to Saudi Arabia want to know what the prohibited items are. As a strict and conservative Muslim country, Saudi Arabia does … You can also disturb flora and fauna in this country, bringing the specious that do not live there. We said all about items that Saudi Arabia bans. Please see the chart below for an overview of the tax rate: *Learn more about customs value calculatio… In that case, you will be able to have it, but the amount of custom has already defined and in exceptional circumstances. Saudi Arabia import restrictions, prohibited imports Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia banned imports, restricted items regulations customs. Adult Toys. I want to go outside saudi arabia, and want to bring juices, medicines, milk, zam zam water, confectionary, chocolates, salt, sugar, condensed milk, jam, artifects, coal for scene burner, … Saudi Arabia maintains a list of sectors in which foreign investment is prohibited, but the government plans to open some closed sectors such as telecommunications, insurance, and power transmission/distribution over time. Alcoholic drinks, Flavoring extracts, Cooking wines, Liquor, items containing liquor. Saudi Arabia import restrictions, prohibited imports Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia banned imports, restricted items regulations customs. Animal products, non-domesticated (e.g., mother of pearl inlay, snakeskin watch bands) Articles of high/unusual value. So, if you have a camera, especially the new one, you must ask for special allowance, but only if you are planning to use it for official purposes (journalism). To know the addition to the list of items that cannot be exported from the US, please click: Pork products. Before exporting products, the entity must check whether the products are allowed for export, as there are several products that are banned from being exported according to the laws of Saudi Arabia. There are also liquid and food that you cannot have with you in any circumstances because of religion. ALSO READ: How to Renew your Philippine Passport in Saudi Arabia. Those are CD, computers, diskettes, movies or even electric cigars. Kindly note that as per Saudi customs regulations, while prohibited cargo (indicative list provided below) is not allowed for import/transhipment containers however for IN TRANSIT, the prohibited … Any items which depict or display the female anatomy (other than for strict medical purposes) Chemicals, Haz and Non-Haz 1) Alcohol. Prohibited Items. Make your shopping smarter by avoiding unnecessary problems. MOTOR VEHICLES . Prohibitions. Yes, it sounds weird, but Pokemon is on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items list. … There are types of products restricted or prohibited to import in different countries. Likewise, each has its own rules and regulations that foreigners should keep in mind, especially if they plan to live and work in that country. You can bring bacteria, microorganisms, or diseases on them in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia - Prohibited and Restricted Imports ... Saudi Arabia - Standards for ... the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment laboratories carry out testing of all processed and packaged food items at various ports of entry. It usually applies to plants that you planned to grow in Saudi Arabia. Today, Four Winds stands proudly as the most trusted and reliable Moving and Logistics Company in Saudi Arabia. Most of them, Saudi Arabia has forbidden to prevent spy activities and unauthorized recording. So there you have it! As long as the item has alcohol, don’t bring it with you. IQAMA. Shipping and logistic companies know that you must not have some objects with you when traveling to Saudi Arabia – you should consult them before shipping; Among restricted items for import in KSA are toys and things that we usually use for fun – you will not be able to have stuffed animals, too. Saudi law prohibits importation of the following products: weapons, alcohol, narcotics, pork and pork products, pornographic materials, distillery equipment, retreaded or used tires, used clothing and certain sculptures. It would be better to check with international movers Jeddah about this. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can bring plant diseases with them and change flora in this country. However, custom will surely take any of the valuable items that worth more than $5. No medicines, pharmaceutical or plant-based products and foodstuffs for medical purposes will be accepted without prior authorization from the General Food and Medicine Authority of Saudi Arabia. Any of these items you cannot take with you on the plane, but do not forget that in some circumstances you can preserve a special allowance. Biological substances, Category B and exempt human or animal specimens. Cancel reply. You cannot take hazardous liquids with you like poison and acid. Math Captcha 38 − = 32. How to Apply for a Working Visa in Saudi Arabia, Filipina Domestic Worker Executed in Saudi Arabia. Any item contrary to the Royal Family, Saudi Arabian or Muslim beliefs or morality Any item that has a hidden camera or anything that can be used as a spying device (pens, watches, etc.) 1. with a declared or commercial value of above US$5 are prohibited and will be confiscated by the customs authorities in Saudi Arabia. Their legislation does not allow any uncommon and non-official medical care. As the terms suggest, “prohibited” items are not allowed to be brought into the country, while “restricted” items may be permitted — as long as these meet certain requirements or permissions. Prohibited items The following list of items is banned and restricted in your baggage: Flammable, non-flammable and poisonous gases, such as butane, oxygen, propane and aqualung cylinders. Packaging companies in Saudi Arabia will surely inform you about that. All shipments containing jewelry including, but not limited to, gold, silver, platinum, pearls, stones and diamonds, etc. This article presents both the prohibited and restricted items in Saudi Arabia. One more item that you cannot bring in Saudi Arabia in any circumstance. Our membership to reputable international organizations and accreditations such as IATA, FIATA, IAM and FIDI, speaks volume of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Hence, today we’d like to share about items that are prohibited and restricted in the Kingdom. Wine making kits, alcohol distilling equipment, books on manufacturing of such drinks or any foods with alcohol as ingredient such as vanilla extract. Saudi Arabia local authorities have introduced new customs requirements for clearance of certain commodities. The best way is to leave them at home or ask for special allowance. The rules are the same as for seeds. Previous post: Filipina Domestic Worker Executed in Saudi Arabia. Firearms. Cameras or spying devices. Flammable liquids and solids, such as lighter or heater fuels, paint and matches Products containing pork or its parts ( i.e. Just like other countries, Saudi Arabia has laws governing different aspects of life in the community. At Four Winds, there is no limit to your potential. You can become who you want to be. Alcohol and alcohol related items. Prohibited Items Toxic & Infectious Materials Pesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury compounds, bacteria, viruses ... API Open Data Prohibited Items Compensation policy Employment Saudi Press Agency Arab News. These are strictly not to be imported in the country. Banned Export Products. This includes rules pertaining to what you can and cannot bring into the country. 5) Weapons. They will not make any exception even if you have family jewelry or emotionally valuable items. That applies to adult movies, showing female anatomy, and adult toys. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that does not allow free usage of the internet. Compressed gas and tear gas etc. There are many reasons for that. PROHIBITED Live or Dead animals, insects, reptiles of any kind, animal products, animal skins, meat and Fur Human and animal remains, including ashes Foodstuffs and perishable food articles and beverages requiring refrigeration or other ... SNS_Prohibited Items Listing Page 4) Medicines. Dear MA all. Adult Materials. Saudi Arabia forbids adult content. Items Banned from Entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (What You Can’t Ship to KSA) The following items are considered prohibited imports according to Saudi Arabia customs laws. Some of the commodities impacted by this new regulatory change are electrical and electromechanical equipment, medications and pharmaceuticals, laboratory chemicals and solutions, cosmetics and perfumes, … Food and beverages are sure items that you will take with you when traveling. We have decided to put a list to help you. We do not ship the following items: Alcoholic beverages. You should be aware of the hazardous items like acid or fuel – movers and packers in Riyadh will inform you about that; Do not mention a weapon that is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous items that you can take with you; Drugs as well as alcohol are on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items mostly because of religious reasons; People who travel by plane should not take items.
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