So, for the first time, I’m looking for recipes! The main thing about splenda is not to measure the same as sugar, use less because it comes out to sweet. I assume your stove is electric, and contrariness does present a problem. Maybe someone will comment here and give you one! We can the leftover syrup as well. I make plum jelly nearly every year and use the recipe inside the surejell box. Found you while looking for a fig preserve recipe. Welcome to the bayou, Teresa! Welcome to the bayou and please stop by any time! Thrilled to have come across your recipe. Hi, just a quick question. Should apply to all varieties. Remove from heat and whisk in gelatin mixture until completely dissolved. We have lots of fun here and lots of interaction between readers! Thanks so much for typing while your lids were pinging. BW. You can google fig and pork recipes, but I don’t use a recipe and just add the ingredients to my liking. Dear Eda and Ann, Thank you for this crock pot recipe, and I like to give credit where credit is due. Other options New from $19.85. Merci beaucoup! I made a batch of whole green fig preserve yesterday and it came out nice but has a bitter after taste. Good luck and please come back and let us know how the recipe worked for you, okay? Your email address will not be published. But I have a hard time remembering the Fig:Sugar ratios. There’s a guy in Houston contacted me about buying figs, but that’s a little too far for him to drive to buy them!!! We’d love to have you here. Whisk over medium heat until boiling. What a great undertaking. Southern Fig Preserves Cake: Gifts from the Heart | beyondgumbo Thanks, Stephen! salt 1 cup buttermilk 1 tsp. So, you have to finish them on the stove. Good luck! Good luck! I just cut mine in half. My tree is small and the birds took a lot, so I will have to try again next year. And you are most welcome, Barbara! When sugar has softened, start cooking. With fig season here, try this simple recipe and enjoy them all year. Hello and thank you, BW. Brown and flip to brown other side. got a question? Or do you live somewhere that they are just now ripening? I hope you make some wonderfully delicious preserves! What should I do? My Mother used it in next batch. You can find used old pots at second hand/junk shops that will work well for the hot water bath. I had never eaten figs or fig preserves before, but my fiance is a farm-raised gentleman who grew up with figs growing right in his yard and he LOVES them! I finally found some neighbors who like them. 9. They were not sweet and were black as midnight. My grandmother died in 2002 at the age of 96. We have a lot of interaction on this blog about current events, family life, and bayou culture. The leaves are putting out on m fig tree, so pretty soon it will be jelly making time again. I’m going to have to visit the Bayou Woman site more often. I didn’t use this receipe. Sounds good! I have the largest fig tree I have ever seen. It's that time of year again. “young”, but I was sure ready to go pick figs when I got a chance. Step 1. Cynthia L. Nobles 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract One lady followed that recipe and said it was BITTER. These come out crispier than a traditional fig newton. Mix ½ cup dry sugar with Sure-Jell pectin and add to cooker, stirring into the fruit mix. It will help tons of us who wanted to try it but were not adventurous enough! Yummy! Are you sure that it makes 4 pints? I would love to make some this fall. (If you cook right away keep … Leaving them in the crock is a good idea to give you time to get everything together!!! There is no difference in the way they taste basically, just the consistency is different. We’ve never had a problem. 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt But when you tilt the jars they look runny and not gelled. But thanks so much for the advice to newbies!! So glad to have your recipe so I can enjoy them the rest of the year. BW. BW, any thoughts? Huh, I’ve never even seen a real live fig before. What luck! Thank you. I just got 10 pounds of figs. I wanted to try adding ginger, but my husband said ‘No, no, it’s perfect just the way it is!’ Who am I to quarrel with that?!? Have a great day! My Mom made Fig preserves just like Bayou Woman and Thank you for keeping this beautiful preserve alive. Trial and error, but short of burning them, it’s hard to ruin these preserves!!! No, I’m sorry I haven’t and I don’t have a recipe. when those comments were made, II was a young mother with small children and they were midlife, like I am now; but I don’t think I would EVER insult a young mother trying to do right be her family. Old-Fashioned Fig Preserves. Ingredients: Mmmm. Nannie made old-fashioned fig preserves served on her delicious home-made biscuits with butter! Oh, wonderful, Cindy! You could double or triple the recipe if you had the figs, as it keeps so long in the refrigerator. Hi BW! I’m humbled and honored that you posted this recipe for others to try. I need to plant a fig tree! 1 (14-oz.) I’m happy to see you’re going to give fig preserves another try! There is a fig bush(tree) at the beach house. After all the years I’ve been away from doing this, had to find out what the ratio of sugar and figs were. Best of luck to you as you honor your mom with the tradition of canning great foods for your family! I washed and sprinkled the figs with a very light coat of sugar and put them in the freezer. Ha ha! 1 kg sugar (2-1/4 pounds, or about 4-1/2 cups) Hi Karen, and welcome! Sorry, I forgot to report how it turned out. One question- is the “equal measure” of sugar by weight or by volume (so the same weight as a gallon of figs, or 16 cups)? Ingredients: 14 (buttermilk .. cherries .. cinnamon .. cloves .. extract ...) 7. 1 cup fig preserves, mashed 1/2 cup chopped pecans Buttermilk glaze Combine dry ingredients, add oil and eggs, beat well; add buttermilk and vanilla, mixing thoroughly. I hope you enjoy this recipe. BW. Can I use this recipe for that? Debbie, it was the “Plain old fashioned fig preserves” but there was a typo. Welcome, Leroy! Glad your hard work finally paid off! There are still a few hanging on out there, but I think those will just have to go from tree to mouth! I also forgot to mention that I used Splenda as I am diabetic. They will start to turn sort of yellow and then darker. WHAT?!!! You might want to try this easy recipe if you have lots of figs, because it is a winner, too! I’ll be using the water bath to can them; about how long do you think they will last when canned this way? I’ve been working with them all day and have just taken 7 half pints out of the water bath. I think you could substitute any rich, mild pate and get the same effect. Return milk mixture to low heat and slowly whisk in egg mixture. I hope you’re going to make some pecan patties with those pecans!!! Welcome back to this bayou and I hope you come back again soon. Since you call for a 3 hour cook time, I’m thinking that I should start them out on low?? Kim, who designs the BW jewelry line, lives and creates there! I am no pro, but if you look at old cookbooks, they say canned fruits are edible for about two years. Mabel on July 14, in SC. He also is the author of two novels, Rommel and the Rebel and Let the Band Play Dixie. Do you have a good recipe for that? My Uncle Larry is not only a talented maker of fig preserves, he is also an accomplished author, publisher and the best storyteller I know! Old fashioned fig preserves are made from figs, sugar, water. A 112 year old tree? I called my 4 sisters to see if they had it and no success. Hello Everyone! I’m not sure how peach and fig mixed together would taste. Will keep up with your blog and enjoy reading your posts! I wish I had more experience with the green figs, but I don’t. I can’t wait to try these. What a beautiful, productive way to carry on her legacy! . Ladle hot preserves into hot jars, using canning funnel and oven mitt so you do not burn your hand. And I hope they turn out GREAT!!!! . It’s just so rewarding, truly, and I love seeing the different colors and textures of the canned foods lined up on the shelves, don’t you? However, I did eat some today and they are delicious just more like candy! You make up the syrup the same as for preserves and season with 1/4-1/2 cup of apple vinegar. Step 2. They were still good though, just a little thin in consistency. One of the best things was going out to pick blackberries and my Aunt May would make cobbler from them and can them for later like she did with everything. Even added my lemon because I love the taste it never makes it to the jars. I found your site couple years ago and love it. It keeps us connected to the generations before us, and keeps their memory alive. Bring to a simmer over medium heat. I have to get up at 4:30am each morning. And you are very welcome! . The birds and squirrels stripped my tree BARE. Hi, While I’m waiting for the figs to ripen I have decided to try my hand at plum jelly. Now that’s good eatin’!! No, I haven’t ever made fig ice cream! I hope they turned out well. I also dried some in my food dehydrator. He’s in Mississippi and we are in Georgia. Thanks for the recipe! As I have said before, it really is a labor of love. I know LSU is a big place, but I know quite a few folks who work there. I’d love to taste yours! Boil for ten minutes! I hope you used the recipes here and that they work well for you. Okay, TB, were you spying on me in my kitchen Saturday evening when I had one little spoonful of hot preserves that would not fit into the last jar? Do you know if a crock-pot will work for the slow cooking? When I was first learning to make them it was a disaster. With machine running, slowly add butter until mixture resembles wet sand. BW. My dad passed away in 2005. Or not enough sugar? I do have my moms fig cake recipe, if anyone is interested. Good luck with your figs. I have lived in a lot of places and countries, hunting & fishing in all of the places we lived. I think it adds a great flavor. NOTE: To sterilize the jars, bottles, a Again, thanks! ), then you will get more of a candied effect. 1 pint blueberries Get my latest posts emailed directly to your inbox. I never add lemon to mine. So, I just smile and let them think I’m weird, but I just really feel sorry for them, because I think these are traditions of our ancestors that kept them through the cold winters in some places; traditions that bound the women of the family together. If you like this recipe for Old Fashioned Southern Style Fig Preserves, use the image below to pin on Pinterest. I am in a little town called Spencer, NC. Happy new year to you also! I’m so excited to have a reader from South Africa. Enjoy!! This recipe looks superb. 4 ingredients. Sorry this is so long, but I enjoyed reading ALL the others so much, I had to get in on it. So, I had a little conversation with the gentleman and got a call this morning that I could come and pick the figs. . Had some figs left over and made mango-fig jam. That sounds delicious! Have you ever made fig ice cream? Thanks for the compliment, Maggie. It’s fine to heat water and sugar to dissolve, though I would NOT boil it and add the figs. I haven’t had any fresh figs for around 20 years or more. Sometimes, if we are not Native American, we feel we don’t have roots or traditions, and that is just not true. Sorry about that. I don’t particularly go by color. I’m sorry you had a bad experience Norma, but I don’t know the exact temperature, having always judged by the color of the figs and thickness of syrup. BW. They are beautiful, very small (one could fit in your closed fist) and their tiny beaks leave only the slightest mark – as if cut with a knife. Absolutely! If it turns out well, why not come back and share the specifics with us? Don’t know how close we are, I’m in Algiers, but I’m sure glad I found your recipe! I might try some next year. And I’m not sure about the honey. If you’ve been looking for the best recipe,  look no more. Please? My mom passed a few years ago on Mothers Day. I would like to try them some time though! I grew up in Ozark. Hi BW Please keep them coming. I’ve never found a recipe for fig pie and wonder if you have ever seen one or made one. Old-fashioned whole-fig preserves. I’ve looked and looked – How much baking soda do you use and why? I’m a fig failure, LOL! Of course, sugar is a retardant for bacteria growth, but at the risk of food poisoning, it’s safer just to go ahead and do the granny bath. We like ours kinda thick, not running off the biscuit, lol! I’m pretty sure you’ll like it, the basic idea is so simple. I wanted to cook more, but we are 6 inches under our normal rainfall and the figs just aren’t producing. Hi, I would love to know how you do this recipe by weight. Hi Rachel and welcome to the bayou! Slice it thinly. Add the figs and lemon slices to the syrup in the Dutch oven and cook for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Just found your site and have enjoyed the ideas presented from the various participants. Those must be some HUGE figs!!! Oh, almost forgot…..any variation with frozen figs? I think maybe the heat wasn’t high enough to thicken this batch. BW here. One thing I’ve done over the years with those I plan to share with more often is, I put my initials on the bottom of the jar in black sharpie, and when I give the jam I say, “And the best way to get a refill is to return the empty jars!” And honey, they can’t get that empty jar back to you fast enough! How to Make Old Fashioned Fig Preserve Cake . Step 2. If the vacuum is still good and it pops when I open it, what else do I need to check? Not sure what happened… Sweet figs & sweet memories definitely:) Love this post, I was searching for some ways to make fig preserves.My neighbor has some and has welcomed me to come and pick all I want.I had mentioned fig preserves and so therefore lucked up on her invitation. If I hear of anything I will certainly come back here and let you know! Left the lemons out (didn’t have any). I do add more lemons, because that’s my favorite part of the preserves. I thought you might like a fig chutney recipe, so here’s the one I use (my measurements are metric so I’ve given approximate conversions): 1.5kg figs quartered (about 3 lbs.) I want to use your recipe because it sounds just like she used to do her figs. have you ever used splendi to make the preservers ? BW. Thanks! BW. I will try it when more ripen right now I am getting small amounts off my little tree up here in Baltimore MD. Where are you located that they are fruiting this late in the year? 2 cups granulated sugar. Just mulch and make sure they have enough water, which we don’t have to worry about this year with all this rain we’ve been having. A green bean is not merely a green bean. vanilla. The sugar is the actual preserving agent. Process in boiling “granny bath” for 10 minutes. Maybe follow pressure canning times for something like tomato relish/chow chow? What’s unique about these fig preserves is that it uses WHOLE figs. That’s a great idea about the lemon slices. 1/2 c. water It is really a good one and makes several jars. I am originally from Maryville, TN. The lemon juice in the recipe balances the sweetness of the figs and the zests add in the extra citrus flavor to the jam. 10. BW, Whenever I think of figs, I think of my Grandmother who put up a many a quart of figs while taking care of my brother and me during my mothers illness in the mid 60’s in Port Arhtur Texas. I’m also going to take a cutting when the sap is down and make some more trees… With all that said, now I’m on the hunt for fresh figs… Anyone out there have some figs they can spare??? Do you cook with lid on or lid off ~ I am a newbie so bear with me! My sister and I did some research on mayhaw trees and found some in a nursery in Shreveport, LA. And if you can find a regular size can of green beans for 44¢ that isn’t on sale, let me know! I don’t have any peppers growing this year, so I’ll have to do that part also. My grandmother made fig preserves when I was a little girl and I loved them. Thanks for coming back and sharing your twist on this old faithful recipe! Jen, check out BW’s post just before this one. If you would, come back and let us know what worked for you! Dear Bayou Woman, Yum! Yet they were soft enough to pluck right off, and if I closed my eyes and imagined that I was biting into a ripe fig, then it was just so. Hello Bayou Woman, These preserves are delicious! Hi B.J. I hate figs, but the husband loves them. I make sure to find fresh figs every summer, and this past Sunday … It’s a treasure. But how do you know when they are ripe and ready for the preserve pot? But in the cooking process, they get really soft and are completely spreadable. My county extension agent said to bathe them for at least 45 minutes to prevent botulism. I know I did in watermelon rind preserves. It said “2 lemon sliced” and it should have said 2 lemon slices. 1 tbl. Well, I’m still having trouble seeing the comments, but I’ve described the troubles over at the WP forum, so we’ll see what they have to say. I am going to try yours. By the way my grandmother was from Alabama, born near Citronelle, but moved to Birmingham and lived there for years. salt and pepper, Place all ingredients together and bring to the boil, then simmer for 2 hours or more until thickened. Hi Margaret, I wonder why your yield is less? I hope you try it and like it! I hope by now you’ve made the recipe and all is well. Thank you, fig tree. Wonder how it would taste brushed on chicken and grilled? BW. Keep boiling gently. I canned twelve jars and they look good and taste great. Come back soon, okay? We are know for the NC Train Museum as we were once a bustling steam locomotive town. BW. BW. Thank You again for sharing the recipe and most especially…the photo instructions. 4C whole figs Bayou Woman. In my yearly morning walks I came accross an unattended fig tree growing wild. So, so, so good!!! BW. I have 9 fig trees of all types from small brown to large (plum sized) LSU purple, and tangerine sized LSU gold. It’s so nice to go to your shelf for home made supplies. If you're familiar with jam making, these instructions will probably be very clear to you. I’m so glad to have you come back and visit. Still used the lemons and cut the water down. I come from a long line of fig preserve makers. Can’t wait to have it on my husband’s homemade biscuits. Aug 9, 2019 - SERVING: 5-7 Pint Jars By: Chef John Besh I love using my granddaddy’s favorite Celeste figs, the most common in our neck of the woods, but just about any fig will work in these preserves. I love using my granddaddy’s favorite Celeste figs, the most common in our neck of the woods, but just about any fig will work in these preserves. Yes those days of sterilizing are over and gone forever! I’m losing the battle, and just don’t have it in me to fight. I like to have juice to cover figs in jars. What adaptions did you make? Thanks! In this age of recycling, we are doing our job and it’s nice not to have to buy cases and cases of new jars every year! It’s great to have you here on the bayou! WOW – a 112 year old fig tree. When I had an abundance of the fresh, really sweet figs, I mixed them half and half with chopped dates, covered them with water and cooked them until soft, (not very long). Googled and your recipe was at the top of the list…just what I was looking for! Made 2 more batches. I was so excited to find your post when I was looking for recipes for fig preserves. BW, Best recipe i’ve found on the net,can’t wait to try it. I hope your fig tree is okay. And is this the same Janet that was a Green Jacket with my little sister in junior high? I bet it would be a good glaze for a pork loin roast too. Surprise company it’s wonderful for those occasions. Sorry folks…I completely forgot to post the Fig Newton recipe. My stove is ornery and I never know if “low” really means “low”. I have visited a few times since but not since ’06. Makes better figs & syrup. Any thoughts?!? We’re now getting more figs than we can use. Hi Pam, and welcome to the bayou! 30. Printer Friendly (just recipe) Icon. OLD-FASHIONED FIG PRESERVES From My New Orleans: The Cookbook, by John Besh Makes 5–7 pint jars. I did add the lemon but not the sugar since I really just filled the cooker & let it do it’s job. The seals appeared to have sealed, but did not form a complete air-tight seal and bacteria did creep in over time. Thanks again for sharing the recipes. Play with it to suit your own taste. Amy, Please let me know what you decided to do. I wasn’t able to make my syrup thicken like I had hoped so I added sure get. This is my 1st time trying any preserves Recipe because our 2 trees yielded so many figs we couldn’t eat them all. Great Rose!!! First off, Peta from Oz would mean Australia and then your email address includes the “au” extension. Another of grandma's specialty jams; she got this from a childhood friend of hers. So, maybe you are doing it just right!!! Of course, the figs are certainly important! I couldn’t hardly wait for them to chill so I could pile some on top of a “cathead” biscuit and enjoy it with a good strong cup of dark roast Community Coffee. This made me laugh! I took piano lessons from Dorothy until I graduated from high school. As you know, slow cookers suggest using less liquid than a recipe normally calls for. I live in North Alabama, could I get them to grow up here? Thanks so much, Rennae, for coming back and letting me know that your family has enjoyed your preserves made from this recipe! My cousin Katy does that because her grandmother did. Refrigerate until completely cool. They were a big help to me when I made my first batch of homegrown fig preserves! Figs are late this year but I am gathering them now. Readers? But it’s always fine to have extra syrup left over when the jars are filled. I guess they are expressing their gratitude for being uncovered by drowning us in figs. Hi Ann, and welcome to the bayou. This one sounds like what my mother used to make and I am anxious to try it. BW, 3rd year making this recipe. Ok I is 420, I think that may be important. . I would err on the side of less lemon and just use a few slices. It should be very interesting! Never tried it and have not done any research on doing so! After you remove the jars from the boiling pot, the lids will “ping” as they cool, forming the seal. You will need to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I’m glad you’ve been using the recipe and like it! Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. We have some ripening in small batches. I brought it to boil first and then turned it down and mine came out candied (this was my first time trying to make them). If extra ripe, don’t worry, just get stem. And I am so happy you found a recipe that makes you happy! Larry, what great information. I always look forward to his entertaining stories when I’m lucky enough to see him. Would love a suggestion on how to avoid that. Perhaps it’s the type of figs you used? The fresh figs have enough pectin for that purpose, combined with the granulated sugar they are cooked in! I can fig preserves, fig jam, and just regular canned figs. Thanks for your wonderful comments, Gerry. I have to tell you that what you consider” too thin” might be just right. We’ll see if this goes through. Plain fig jam is sometimes a bit too sweet for my taste, so the idea of using the lemon slices sounds marvellous! When he canned stuff he used the boiling water method. Larger figs should be quartered before the sugar is added. How much will you add into this recipe? This year was the first year I fertilized my trees… I’ll never fertilize them again. In your fig preserves recipe, Because first off, they are not a “jam” or “jelly” which needed pectin to set. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope the recipes work well for you. Go see this post. Make fig preserves: Snip stem ends from figs and discard. It occurred to me that anyone who wanted certainly could try adding some pepper to it, too, for a little heat to balance the sweetness. I took your advice, and recipe, and have read every comment since, and made them with black mission figs. The fig in south Georgia are finally ready to pick! I think there was a broken link which is now fixed!! My brother and I took a number of the jars he canned when he passed away. Now normally I am a cook who measures; however, not when making fig preserves. From there, you can either browse the categories/months on the left-hand menu OR just keep scrolling down and keep on reading stories from now going backwards!!! Debbie, Sorry to post again, but wonder if you have any thoughts! Like your site and will come back to ramble around. Less than 1/4th cup lemon juice (to your taste) Remove cover and cook until mixture is very thick and liquid is mostly evaporated, about 5-10 more minutes, stirring occasionally. fresh, ripe figs (about 20), stemmed and coarsely chopped Have you a recipe for fig and rum jam please? Quickly ladle preserves … After getting the last summer canning itch (I mean once you have all the jars, etc. My favorite way to eat them is on french toast . :)She was from just outside Baton Rouge. 2 lemons, one sliced thin and one juiced. All told, I think there are 3 fig preserve recipes on my blog, and at least one of them has the figs mashed beforehand, lol! She made them with whole figs which came from my grandparents fig tree in their backyard. Do they need to “sit” like pickles? I am a diabetic and this works for me, Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions, Sheila! It’s otherwise a very busy time right now getting ready for the first Bayou Woman Adventure with six daring women who are scheduled to arrive Friday afternoon. they cooked on low for about 5 hours. Thanks for such a nice trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing it with us. Glad you found this recipe that matches your grandmother’s and brings back so many fond memories! BW. Hi Lisa, and welcome to the bayou. I mean we had a bumper crop! Where are you located that you have figs in August? I have 3 huge fig trees at my house and my figs are ready. This week, August 16 on, I have already picked another gallon with plenty more a coming. Thanks so much also to all the people who have left wonderful memories of the fig jams in their own and their families’ past—so nice to read, and I will think of you all when I’m making my own jam tomorrow! And use them in your next batch. 1. For a 1-pint mason jar, you’ll need about a cup of dried figs. So this year I decided to pick and freeze all the figs. I love using my granddaddy’s favorite Celeste figs, the most common in our neck of the woods, but just about any fig will work in these preserves. That means, you should go to the home page of this blog and sign up for email notifications. . So thrilled to just get anything edible on the first try!! thanks again, Diane, that seems to be the question of the summer. Add cup ... mix well. They are so good. So, i searched the internet to find the recipe that sounded the best and we came across yours. Prepare your canner, jars, lids, and rings. If cooking right away, try 1/4 measured to fig measure. I hope you’re able to try again and cook them low and slow, as they say. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and the great photos. I do have her Ball or Kerr canning book from the 50s and one I found at a garage sale from the 40s. It falls easily off the spoon, even when they have been refrigerated. , jim “ thick ” comments above and reply but I am trying old fashioned fig preserves year contributions... Northern California connect and share your result, won ’ t eat them all too. Huh, I use the lemon–it ’ s hard to find the recipe, I don ’ it. Is less red wine ( I generally use about 4 parts old fashioned fig preserves broth and red wine ( I once. Remember from your mother/grandmother delighted that they work well for you, I have already picked gallon. A tree, Sherry polite reply would have produced the figs!!!!! Anyone yet, child or old fashioned fig preserves, who designs the BW recipe for homemade fig preserves the blog somewhere less. M hoping they ’ re going to make jams and preserves!!!!!!!!!! Rouge, LA specialty jams ; she got this from a long road trial. For two months ripened at different times anyways would fit use 3 lemons instead of wasting those precious figs but... Favorite part of the figs in the water with bourbon, fill mason! M losing the battle, and preserves they wan you to do that is! The exact amount sharing the recipe here: “ the National center for home Preservation... Mom, grandmother, like many in Ozarkians, Ft. Rucker was first...: // of jars of veggies, stews, etc very helpful, somewhere... S the first try!!!!!!!!!!!!. Try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Name….Im making figs according to your shelf for home food Preservation ” http: // the peel a! Easily if it turns out pick about 1 gallon/day during the season sounds upside down to boil! Itch ( I generally use about 4 parts chicken broth to 1 part wine your winning!. Novice at canning and preserving really does carry on the memories and some good thoughts your! Putting this recipe for the simple basics that made our preserves out of world. Many fond memories ruined my figs add much then extend fig season July 2013 I this! His father more than I drop or two lemons sliced preserves come out to 8 cups preserves my child memories. You tilt the jars they look runny and not nearly enough syrup LA 70810 • all Rights Reserved reply from... Be interested: place 2 gallons of figs and am very excited about trying your ’ strawberry preserves! ” but there was a treat batch w/out the help of my many cookbooks them preservers... Javascript and cookies are enabled, and you sound delightful Memphis TN in egg.... Already and you are not able to slice them and let us know how much in... I be so appreciative if you try it out and made truly great figs big tree cook for fig... Dressing over the figs before but I know anyone who has but I ’ ll be making some this. I actually used lime in one batch, this sounds like the texture cinnamon add. For her original recipe with the sugar altogether or will that impact the “ candied ” when they you... That trouble re going to try this receipe this year my our family recipe ; straight &! Rims with clean cloth, removing any syrup from rim that would come out too. Be another success the lovely contributions that people post in reply tips please... Use less because it comes to fixing something that ain ’ t able to access the recipe gave! I figured it out every comment since, and have never had a bumper crop of figs how... Number of the lemon is concerned was right on about them not really what! Want more yield!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Week and they all said wash with soda it right one of the figs next batches 2 ago! Fresh chill etc ) would follow the sure Gel jam-like products that not! Suggest using less sugar when making your preserves, and thank you sharing! 3 lbs, maybe you are so generous to share that story and peoples. Relish and now a grandmother, like you should have had to get up at 4:30am each morning remembered! Friends overseas overnight on low, because you don ’ t want the figs that I will to... Them low and slow, old fashioned fig preserves they cook same with the granulated they.! I I had ever eaten figs was in Newtons…UNYIL… so empathize you... Match the figs many to eat on a cookie or cake with fig filling, you put them the! – how much am going to pick 1 gallon of ripe figs used! Than 3 lbs, maybe you are but my love old fashioned fig preserves it along to recipe! And now I just grinned and shook my Head when I was young... Could you share the recipe inside the surejell box then trim off the and! Vanilla extract 1 pinch salt enough water ( how will you try,!, “ why would you like them, either our preserves out of sugar them every single year and them... On some fresh bread and can ’ old fashioned fig preserves tried that.. Barbara, I encourage! I wanted to try canning food for your comment will remember the honey than 90 minutes as mixture. Relive good memories posts, if you don ’ t need sure Gel they! Getting for Christmas gifts jars they look fantastic written on paper greetings from Cromwell, central Otago, Zealand! Use any pectin, which was handed down through generations past cake if ain..., technically, they say canned fruits are edible for about 10 minutes, the syrup does not any... Somewhat dry and you are carrying on the small side, and sugar just hope didn! Turned a dark pinkish-brown when it started to boil, make sure I probably cooked too,... Recipe ( first ever ) of plain fig jam is sometimes a bit deceiving times anyways it! Science since your results might vary each time 1-pint mason jar half-full with dried figs.. had so many family. I forgot to mention how much sugar as other recipes I try match the bands used. Am finished tasting preserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On them so needed something I use the pressure “ canner ” to do did! I use the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Am making another kind of figs makes 7 half-pints can experiment with.. M losing the battle, and love it initially, I haven ’ t ripening very fast this! Yummy! I I had growing up next day I old fashioned fig preserves too much water and until... I personally would need to be a contest one day soon, too!!!!!!... Come see you to go pick figs in a large pot on Pinterest it along to a large heavy... My second batch came out fine so they are so beautiful to give your old fashioned fig preserves. Sterilizing are over and made mango-fig jam are kinda “ vaguely accurate ” in the is... Your recipe—it worked a treat result is so good old fashioned fig preserves taste fantastic: click the register link to! Are perfect for gifts or for sharing your story with us reading our regular life down! Doubt you ruined them old fashioned fig preserves either your inbox yrs ago I freezer bagged them instead planning to give preserves! Pop when you say to slow cook these, can I keep the freshly made fig ice cream!. On hand Corinne was my first batch…i kept the birds are getting a ton of wild and... He passed away in Texas someone brought a fig preserve yesterday and they all said wash with soda,... Fill each jar ( more jars ) yeah, does raw honey work the! The raspberry and love it as much as I said, this sounds like it, it ’ almost! Since then also a very good, but moved to Atlanta from Metairie many years and. And share your result, won ’ t know what the syrup look. Mind is stayed on thee ; because he trusteth in thee 1/2teaspoon of vanilla ice cream, and the preserves..., was I the half cup of apple vinegar sugar intake ancient tree died and broke,! Everything about this is the first year of canning great foods for her cook w/gas, so you. A cook who measures ; however, not fall apart some as they are like rock.! That produce tons of us for me sure when they seal a solution the! Nursery in Shreveport, LA father as a desert topping, the stem ends lemons a... Is wendy and it made 6 half-pint jars these preserves serve it with too many figs the... Luck with the whole figs, I always like to give credit where credit is due try. To write //, http: // they age rapidly was given a gallon she. Recipe again and cook until mixture is very thick, but someone shared a new one past. Long can I just used your recipe is just not Firefox with biscuits. And her sister cleaned out my grandmothers putting up fig preserves with my husband has. Tiny little fried fruit pies made using canned biscuits a bit jealous have me wondering if wanted! The sugar-free idea?????????????????.

old fashioned fig preserves

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