With its 12 pumping stations, hydraulic structures, and a large number of bridges, it is a bold but also humble design that respects the water landscape. Project Location: Novato, CA, Project Title: Tree Tops The narrative in Cap de Creus projects awaits the user in suggestion and not in the direct message. We specialize in the development of custom swimming pool designs, hardscape, and garden architecture … Project Location: Bozeman, MO, Project Title: Investors Heritage Native Public Garden Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) Urban Oasis Landscape Design – Canyon View Terrace, Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC – Croton Street Garden, Dima Rumiantcev – Dimastery Studio – Brooklyn Family Terrace, Mason Shaffer of Blanchford Landscape Group – Grounded Prominence, Annika Zetterman/Zetterman Garden Design – Rosunda, Isa Hendry Eaton/Isa Bird Landscape Design – Terrace Pool Garden, Kelly Kilpatrick – Floradora Garden Design, Josh Myers/Myers + Co. Landscape Architecture, Isa Hendry Eaton/Isa Bird Landscape Design, Eileen Kelly, Dig Your Garden Landscape Design, Geoffrey Fornari @ Great Oaks Landscape Design, Andrea Wilson Mueller/Inside Out Design, LLC, Josh Gormally, MLA, APLD/Artistic Landscape Architecture, Mason Shaffer of Blanchford Landscape Group, James M. Drzewiecki, APLD, Ginkgo Leaf Studio, LLC, Tish Campbell/Amy Martin Landscape Design, Marti Neely, FAPLD/Marti Neely Design and Associates, Linda Middleton, FAPLD, Terralinda Design, Jean-Marc Flack/Hortulus Animae – Mindful Garden Design, Vanessa Gardner Nagel, FAPLD, Seasons Garden Design LLC, Mark G. Brotton – Living Water Irrigation and Landscape LLC, Enter the 2021 APLD Landscape Design Awards, Enter the 2020 APLD Landscape Design Awards, Uphold our code of ethics and advance professional practices, Be the source of thought leadership in responsible and innovative landscape design, Foster creativity to inspire passion for excellence. We are a creative, full service landscape architecture firm led by principal landscape architect, Virginia Burt, FCSLA, FASLA. Thorbjörn Andersson, Kristine Jensen, Sylvia Karres, Jacqueline Osty, Ken Smith. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) Metropolitan Arts Press is the registered title of the publication house provided by the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies in collaboration with the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture … Project Description: Small Gardens Category Project Location: Santa Barbara, CA, Project Title: Timeless Renovation Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) Through the various complex programmes and initiatives of TCLF, Birnbaum has shown an ambitious and innovative vision, executed with great precision, enthusiasm and perseverance. Dallas’s Klyde Warren Park, designed by National Design Award-winning OJB Landscape Architecture, pictured in 2012. They also facilitate public access and provide new opportunities for recreation in the de-poldered area. The result is a portfolio of unique and strong conceptual works. Project Location: Highland Park, IL, Project Title: Grounded Prominence The award winning landscape contractors are recognized for their extraordinary landscape projects in the 44th annual Arizona Excellence in Landscaping Program. Project Description: Small Gardens Category Gawron Turgeon Architects, P.C. The design meshes precisely formulated climatic and poetic goals in an inextricable way. but help make projects reality through their local expertise, willingness to navigate through the local environment, and a desire to change things. The Prins Hendrikzanddijk deals with a dynamic landscape system – a waterfront that faces rising and unpredictable waters. It aims to question the occurrence of nature in an entirely artificial/urban context. (Liane Swanson/Courtesy Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum) Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) Project Description: Small Gardens Category Project Location: Hoboken, NJ, Project Title: O’Farrell Residence Although the tiny district of Yongqing Fang still contains historical remnants, their small number limits the possibilities for a strong experience. In this case, the landscape architect is not just the designer, but also a social catalyst who enables positive change. Project Location: Santa Barbara, CA, Project Title: Pond Life Calling It enhances village life on multiple levels while creating a gentle, internal world for women in a society where women’s public facilities are almost non-existent. Project Location: London, Chelsea Flower Show, Project Title: Canyon View Terrace The strong and clearly human-made geometrical patterns offer a complement to the surrounding landscape through contrast. Project Description: Specialty Projects Category Project Location: Tucson, AZ, Project Title: Summer Special in South Barrington Parks and Open Space – Landscape Architecture Award Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal: Linear Parks and Djerring Trail. The American Society of Landscape Architects. H+N+S has through an engineering approach successfully developed large scale thinking about landscape, integrating aspects concerning energy, environment, well-being and aesthetics. The project answers questions related to reintroducing nature into artificial landscape and dealing with landscape in rural-urban fringes. Project Location: Scarsdale, NY, Project Title: Torrence Court Swimming Pool Project The humbleness with which usual goals of public space are achieved is emphasized through the rawness and simplicity of means, such as reordering stones found on site, choreographed view corridors through a seemingly naive window, a fireplace or a simple swing in the courtyard. Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) SWA is a design firm renowned for creativity, responsiveness, and resilience in the planning and design of landscapes, whether at the scale of an urban plaza, a city … They remind us that there will always be infinite opportunities to find and express an original personal vocation whilst practicing environmentally and socially responsible work. The charming yet straight-forward design language of path geometries and planting beds allows the user to move through a coherent whole and at the same time differentiates sequence of spaces. Project Location: Bennington, NE, Project Title: New Plant Order Award Winning Landscape Design. Project Location: Berkeley, CA, Project Title: Beach House on the Golf Course Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) On the other side of the plot it makes a clear differentiation, a contrast between the meadow and the lush woods. Project Description: Planting Design Category 2017 Special Mention in Project Category: Public Choice Award for Best Office in 2016: LILA - Landezine International Landscape Award is organized by Landezine Media LLC. Project Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI, Project Title: Berkeley Terrace Project Description: Planting Design Category It began by using vegetation maintenance to design public spaces in Girona. They feature a consistent opus of brave interventions in landscape, often with ingenious and innovative solutions. With a simple gesture it adds an immense value to the living outdoors at Coteau Saint Barbe. Project Description: Specialty Projects Category His landscapes offer educational and experiential richness, often in fragile environments. Similarly, Park Naturmuseum St. Gallen is dealing with ‘artificial naturalness’. Placed four meters above the city level, Gleisdreieck is an urban oasis and a vital link between neighbourhoods, featuring smart interventions, such as a(?) Gary Hilderbrand, Ana Kučan, Teresa Moller, Marc Pouzol and Karin Standler. Project Location: Bel Air Crest in Los Angeles, CA, Project Title: City Courtyard Garden The Australian Institute of Architects has announced the winners of the 2019 National Architecture Awards at a ceremony in Brisbane.. With this approach, Agence Ter designs unique, smart and convivial landscapes. Marti Franch is aware that promoting subtle change in order to emphasise overwhelming natural forces and features left ‘as they are’ in nature plays a very important role in establishing a bond between the user and the landscape – people and environment. Members of the jury recognized SLA from Denmark as an office that demonstrates the ability and adaptability to successfully design a wide scope of different tasks. The garden also offers a sequence of various interesting ambiences. 636 Eye Street NW. His body of work is a library many can learn from now and in the times to come. They developed an effective approach to bringing nature into the urban environment, whilst working with its processes in cities, especially dealing with large quantities of water. The simultaneity of a public space with the intimacy, and almost fragility of such a needed meeting point has created a strong, unique sense of place. (GTA) is a multi-disciplined, award-winning design firm with a stellar reputation for planning and design services across a diverse range of facilities and spaces. Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) In terms of aesthetics, jury members recognized The Dialogue Center Przelomy (KWK Promes) as a strikingly beautiful landmark and a generous urban public landscape. Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) In 1998, Birnbaum founded TCLF – The Cultural Landscape Foundation – which acts as a bridge between American cultural landscapes and the public. Project Location: Frankfort, KY, Project Title: L Reflection Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) Daniel Ney, … The design works well on all scales, from the park as a whole to a pedestrian perspective. Project Location: Tucson, AZ, Project Title: Medding Residence AILA VIC Landscape Architecture Awards Play Spaces – Landscape Architecture Award Bridge Road Regional Playspace. South Gardens, Elephant Park - Churchman Landscape Architects (Winner: Design for a Small-Scale Development and Landscape Institute President's Award) The LI Awards 2018 took place on Thursday … Exposing the beauty of decay, or decay itself, is still a taboo across our profession; oddly enough, in an age when nature is in focus. Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) Project Location: Wellesley, MA, Project Title: Dar Ben-Lisa Project Description: Details Category We selectively partner with discerning owners who want creative designs and architecture … As the name suggests, the project is about taming a very dynamic topological context and at the same time keeping the feeling of the place wild. Work of an exclusively high quality and demanding … This blunt dislocation, which first reacts to infrastructural requirements and finally turns the bunker into a ready-made, creates a whole new quality of visual perception. The International Architecture Award Yearbook All the selected award-winning projects in global architecture . Using simple and graceful design language, the project succeeds in creating a new interpretation of local traditional craftsmanship and history. His approach is the perfect antidote to formalism and to projects wanting too much. Often landscape designs for hotels and resorts are too full of everything and enclosed, gated, disconnected from the outside world. Project Title: Via Hermosa At the same time, it works as a sponge, providing space for water during heavy rains and floods. The play of shapes, levels and morphology makes it interesting to the various age groups of the nearby kindergarten as well as children from the area. Park am Gleisdreieck (Atelier LOIDL) was also debated as one of the most effortlessly beautiful and comfortable projects. Their work provokes an endless curiosity while also featuring a catalogue of solutions to a range of relevant issues. placing programme under the bridge, revealing layers from the site’s past uses and exposing the contrast between soft park tissue and S-Bahn trains buzzing over the main meadow on the elevated rail-yards. Studio PAD is a Landscape Architectural design firm founded by P eter A D uarte, in 2012, with a … They do not claim to be design experts. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) Harrisburg, PA 17112 Xanthe Quayle Landscape Architects, formerly Camlin Lonsdale, is an award winning independent design practice with a distinctive and holistic approach. The use of historic structures successfully establishes different ambiences and opens views that change the perception of the space, orientation and the scale of this relatively small plot. In his book Invisible Work, van Gessel states his objective is to design spaces in a way that they feel as if they’ve been there since always. The portfolio of Topotek 1 reflects a unique conceptual approach that is dedicated to solving social issues and practicing landscape architecture … Its intervention is a sensitive, precise study of village imagery, social life, as well as the movement through a broader landscape. Project Location: Vancouver, WA, Project Title: Gregg Residence Considering the ordinary Canadian suburb, this garden is a surprise. APLD is professionally managed by Calabrese Management, an association management company. La Tancada Salt Fields and Cap de Creus, are blending ecology, natural and cultural memory into harmonious and at the same time very powerful experience. Project Location: Frankfort, KY, Project Title: Beach Vacation at Home Haygood & Associates provides landscape … She has designed and installed many notable and beautiful landscapes, but some might … They are not committed to finding a style, although there is a notion of ‘relaxed aesthetics’ present in most of their projects that is well-anchored in the project narrative. There is a pressure that landscape needs to be perfect all the time. Award-winning landscape design in Central Ohio Established in 1994, Bello Giardino, LLC is a full service landscape company specializing in a wide range of residential and commercial services. National Awards … Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) Motion, for entering unchartered territories and solving problems from multiple directions, and evolution, for constantly responding to changing demands concerning climate change and social issues. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) You can see all lectures from our past events on Landezine Live. The work of Michael van Gessel (b. Landscape Institute announces 2020’s LI Award-winning projects November 27, 2020 Damian Holmes Landscape Architecture , News , UK 2020’s winners highlight landscape’s power to … The awards honor outstanding landscape … The jury noticed the presentation of the project, focusing away from the house into the garden as the place of dwelling and coexisting with the site. Rooted in Clay is about engineering, recycling, and, above all, experience. Project Location: Bethesda, MD, Project Title: Croton Street Garden The jury members also acknowledge Chicago Riverwalk (SASAKI + Ross Barney) as a high-quality urban space, extremely well structured and built. Project Description: Specialty Projects Category Tuesday, 30 June 2020 – Jury members completed their task and selected recognitions in 6 categories: Public Landscapes, Infrastructure projects, Residential project, Private Residential Gardens, Playgrounds + Schools and Hospitality landscapes. Project Location: South Barrington, IL. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) 2018 Best of Design Award winner for Landscape – Residential: Folding Planes Garden, Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture (Winquist Photography/Courtesy Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture) Project Location: Louisville, Kentucky, Project Title: Lincoln Estate His landscape projects are all about silent change. Project Location: Summit, NJ, Project Title: Scandinavian Farmhouse Office and project jury comprised: 2017 LILA jury was comprised of renowned international experts from the profession to select the winners of LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award 2017. The jury recognized the approach of embracing time to make a comfortable living space. The 35 award-winning projects, as well as a further … Project Location: Irvine, CA, Project Title: London Roof Terrace ... Sasaki and Ross Barney Architects. A quote from Jorge Luis Borges featured in the exhibition perfectly illustrates Topotek 1’s approach to the notions of identity, honesty, and context in terms of landscape design: “The original is unfaithful to the translation”. Each space and corridor within the garden are well scaled and present a well-crafted and eloquent suite of details and materials that offer the user a quiet and contemplative landscape that will bring friends and family together. They stand out due to their role as facilitator, initiator and project driver. Throwing away classical categories of old and new and the usual need to contrast these, the design playfully combines new interpretations of building techniques and materials to create a moving and powerful sense of contemporary, historic place. Køge Kyst poses a question on how to design residential landscape on the beach. Sonoma Mountain Garden represents a rigorous approach to minimalist landscape architecture that has a strong collaborative dialogue with the architecture. A green, almost forest like ambience in the middle of Barcelona, again with a direct connection to the site’s past and ecological measures for cooling down the site with dense planting. This transformation of an airport into landscape works to balance the extreme climate, the design interlocks three scales: geographical, urban and local. The garden was designed to catch changing seasons and light and synthesize them into a dramatic display of change. We offer integrated services in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture … Renaturalisation is not brought in by force; it occurs. This is a clear statement that design matters because it adds value for people, birds, and water landscape. Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) In times, when our profession still produces a monoculture of ideas resulting in sameness, Studio Vulkan is showing the way to keep landscape architecture interesting. 2019 Special Mention in Infrastructure Projects category: 2019 Special Mention in Residential Housing: Tuesday, 26 June 2018: This year, 119 eligible office profiles, 249 public projects and 44 gardens were judged by two 5-member juries. Projects in eight different categories are judged on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail and execution. The Noordwaard project is a new 4450-hectare flow area that will prepare The Netherlands for the rising waters in the ‘Room for The River’ project. Consequently, the actual traces of history are kept visible with a genuine purpose – although this required such an action as moving a bunker. The materiality of the realization continues and reinforces the design with a great coherence, forming this precise architectonic play with a restrained number of materials. 636 Eye Street NW. Project Description: Specialty Projects Category Scroll to the bottom for a list of all the winning … 2207 Forest Hills Drive The structure was established as a landmark, social magnet, a site part of, yet distinct from, landscape. He presided over many juries, among others for the Rosa Barba Prize and Landscape Architecture Europe editions. Project Location: West Dundee, IL, Project Title: Private School Courtyard Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) The project text humbly tells of the team’s aim to return the site to its rural integrity and local traditional building ways, away from the usual domination of design techniques. Designing for a more livable world. Project Location: Fairview, NC, Project Title: Courtyard Safari After his studies at Wageningen University in 1978, he was employed in Bureau B+B for 18 years, the last seven as its director. This on-going project was self-initiated by landscape architecture office EMF – Estudi Marti Franch – in the midst of the global financial crisis. Project Description: Non-Residential Category The call for entries for the next, sixth edition of LILA will open in early 2021. All photos, plans and renders of projects on Landezine are property of a photographer or landscape architects mentioned within a specific project presentation. Award Winning Landscapes is certainly a great name for your company because your landscapes are AWARD WINNING and your customers are the WINNERS! Project Location: Racine, WI, Project Title: Mid-Century Modern They introduce a dialogue with the native forces, involving them in the emergence of the ‘islands’. Projects in eight different categories are judged on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to … The jury recognized a very different approach to the typology of residential landscape, where one would usually find very determined structures, designed to the very last square meter. Folds works above all as sculpture-play-scape. As such it is a poetic statement and a convivial critique. Project Location: Orinda, CA, Project Title: Black Mountain Lodge The condition for the landscape architecture community to thrive in a society lies in an understanding of the work we do. Project Location: Tucson, AZ, Project Title: Embraced Seclusion Project Description: Residential Category ($25,000 – $100,000) Project Location: Cincinnati, OH, Project Title: Tranquil Water-Side Sanctuary The winners of LILA 2020 are announced, please see below. The grounds of Can Framis museum illustrate EMF’s ability to intervene in dense urban fabric. Washington, D.C. 20001-3736. Project Description: Specialty Projects Category We design primarily public projects with focus on parks, nature play, schools, playgrounds, community park design, destination … SCAPE combines research and practice to conquer cross-scale spatial challenges, whilst blurring the lines between neighbourhoods and habitats. Project Location: Philadelphia, PA, Project Title: Color Field Landscape Moving the bunker from its ancestral place and letting it re-appear in a new one is both astonishing and effective. Project Description: Show Gardens Category As a bold and even radical gesture, the project inscribes itself in the infusible tension between past, present, and future on the one hand, and between absence and presence on the other. Project Location: Hillsborough, CA, Project Title: Breaking Ground Project Description: Residential Category (under $25,000) It offers the link between the two and also effectively uses water dynamics from higher up the slope. Project Description: Residential Category (under $25,000) Project Description: Specialty Projects Category The previous model of homeowners managing a rolodex of designers, architects, specialty contractors, and product vendors is outdated and inefficient. Project Description: Residential Category (over $100,000) A presence arises – a collision of space and time – and you experience a landscape at the same time very old and very new. Salaam house is a ‘hard-core’ landscape architecture project sending a message that with subtle approach, simplicity and a modest budget we can create a garden by maintaining and appreciating what we already have. It reactivates the old river channel for visitors, masterfully combining new modest elements and simple structures into a powerful experience. AwardsASLA Professional Awards The American Society of Landscape Architects. The Landezine team recognizes the work of Charles A. Birnbaum as an outstanding contribution to the global community of landscape architects. Saint Ouen – Park at The Docks is a complex landscape system that offers optimistic answers to questions concerning social equity and water resilience. Project Location: Kempton, PA, Project Title: Laureano Residence He retired in 2015 and lives in Amsterdam. Since its inception in 1977, the firm has specialized in projects for the state of California, municipalities, light rail and utility districts, institutions and private developers. This simplistic, smart and visually interesting landscape reaches beyond what is expected of a residential area.

award winning landscape architects

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