Kiss Kata


Physiotherapist - manual therapist, sport rehabilitation coach

Specialization: manual therapy, sport rehabilitation 

“ As an individual with interest in contact sports, I’ve had numerous insight, how it feels to be on the other side of the table. I’ve experienced the importance of physiotherapy after many sports injuries, and postoperatively, too. I know the frustration, and I also know how important the optimism of the therapists is, and how a few encouraging words could change the flow of the rehabilitation. With these experiences in mind I’m striving towards helping people on a physical and on a mental level as well.”



2017-2021: Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and Patient Care - Physiotherapy specialization

2020-2023: Theoretical and practical training in Manual Medicine

Barvicsenko-style manual therapy training

Holistic Medicine Foundation

In my point of view, our field of profession is quickly changing , so it is essential for us, in order to be able to give the best care we are able, to remain up to date and widely trained. 


Courses and further education:

Physiotherapy for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (2023)

Hungarian Association of Physiotherapists

Anatomy: Human Neuroanatomy (2023)

University of Michigan

Ergon IASTM Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (2022)

Ergon IASTM Technique-Hungary

Treatment of Tumor Patients with Fasciatherapy (2022)


Human Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Cases (2022)

Harvard University Harvard Medical School

Sports Rehabilitation Trainer Training Level 2 (2022)

Maximum Performance

Sports Rehabilitation Trainer Training Level 1 (2022)

Maximum Performance

Neuroplasticity and Movement Therapy (2022)

Feövenyessy Medical Fitness Academy

Dynamic Manual Therapy - Soft Tissue Manual Therapy, Theoretical and Practical Training - Part II: Upper and Lower Limbs (2022)

Holistic Medicine Foundation

Dynamic Manual Therapy - Soft Tissue Manual Therapy, Theoretical and Practical Training - Part I: Spine and Pelvis (2021)

Holistic Medicine Foundation

Psychology of Self-Sabotage (2021)

Law and Psychology

Fascia: Theory and Treatment Techniques (2021)

Balance Med Academy

Kinesio and Sports Taping (2021)

Balance Med Academy

Flossing in Sports Rehabilitation (2021)

Balance Med Academy

Cupping in Sports Prevention and Rehabilitation (2021)

Balance Med Academy

Dynamic Tape: Introduction to Biomechanics - Dynamic Taping Methodology (2019)

Dynamic Tape® Hungary


Professional Appearances, sonferences:

Accredited Oftex Course: Tendon Suturing and Border Areas in Hand Surgery - Practical Workshop (2023) - Instructor


I’ve received my degree at Semmelweis University in Nursing and Patient Care as a Physiotherapist. I consider myself exceptionally lucky, because my profession is also my passion.

During my studies I’ve already started to gain experience in this profession: a multinational company hired me to give preventive sessions for its workers, mainly for English speaking employees. Seeing how popular and joyful this optional recreational activity was among the workers was an approving experience for me. They gave positive feedback regarding their physical and mental health, which reinforced my previous standpoint on the importance of prevention.

While completing my degree, I had also taken up a two-year long course, which, among the extra work and studies, gave me numerous advantages and helped my performance at university. 

After graduation I started to work at a private clinic, which gave me the opportunity to acquire professional practice on a high level, and to see how important the communication between the doctor and the therapist is. 

Sport has always played an important role in my life, since my childhood to present days. I started to play handball at the age of 7, and I continued doing it competitively until I attended high school. Then I began to do dragon boat racing, and started to go to the gym regularly. During my years at university I found brazilian jiu-jitsu, which hasn’t stopped being one of my passions.

Sport-related injuries are not uncommon- especially in martial arts. Injury of the digits, wrists or any other part of the upper limb are particularly frequent. The combination of manual therapy and physical therapy can be successfully used not only in these cases but in case of any degenerative issues that occurred as a consequence of repetitive activities during our everyday life.


My goal is to provide an environment in which we can achieve the most optimal pathway towards healing - on a physical and mental level as well.