Dr. Hetthéssy Judit Réka


Senior Lecturer at Semmelweis University, Scientific Research Associate at the Research Management Working Group

Former Head Hand Surgeon at the Orthopedic Clinic Hand Surgery Department, Semmelweis University

European training, European practice

Founder and Director of Kézklinika - Hand Clinic

15 years of experience in hand surgery




I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine at Semmelweis University in 2005. I continued my career at the National Institute of Traumatology, Pediatric Traumatology, Hand and Microsurgery Department. In 2012 I passed my specialist certification in traumatology and surgery with excellent results.

In 2014 I completed my specialist certification in hand surgery, also with flying colors.

In 2016 I acquired my European Board of Hand Surgery Diploma Examination

Between 2014 and 2021 I worked as a hand surgeon at the Department of Orthopedics at Semmelweis University, and from 2018, I served as the head of the Hand Surgery Subdepartment.



Introducing my practice - What can I help you with?


Common symptoms affecting the hand:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Thumb arthritis/basal joint arthritis

Trigger finger

Dupuytren’s contracture

Hand ganglions / cysts - in the last 15 years I acquired great experience treating these conditions both in a conservatively and surgically, as well.


In case the conservative method fails to bring the results expected, or the surgical solution is the most optimal choice, I perform these surgeries regularly, with great experience and predictable results. The facilities I operate in highly equipped theaters with great infrastructure and an organized operating team.


During my years abroad participating different fellowship programs and my time spent working at Semmelweis University Orthopedic Clinic, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience in fields that are less known and practiced in hand surgery:

  • Treating residual malfunctions following a previous operation 

  • Tumorous or cancerous conditions 

  • Minor or major deformities caused by rheumatic diseases 

  • Spasticity involving the upper extremity (e.g. post-stroke conditions)


The treatment of these conditions require specialization, a great amount of practice, exceptionally equipped operating theaters and techniques seldom used.


At our Hand Clinic, we take pride in meeting the needs of our patients, whether it requires the most complex treatment or if it is a more common problem. We provide a wide variety of postoperative care: physiotherapy to regain, keep or improve the range of motion of the involved joints; postoperative treatments, such as dressings and splints, to ensure the fastest healing process possible; electrophysical modalities to support soft tissue healing; and postoperative X-ray also can be done on spot. 


Pediatric care


In my practiceis, Pediatric care is given special attention. I had the opportunity to widen my knowledge in this field at the National Accident and Emergency Department, in cooperation with Bethesda Hospital, and several other courses abroad. Among the deformities affecting the hand, I also specialize in the reconstruction of bones, tendons and nerves damaged in traumatic injuries, and I also have valuable experience in the operative treatment of cancerous tumors.


During my professional training I’ve always strived towards gaining valuable experience abroad by participating in international scholarships and courses.

In 2012 I was awarded the Traveling Fellowship by the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH).  I spent my fellowship in Switzerland, at the Hand and Plastic Surgery Department of the University Hospital Zurich (Klinik für Plastische und Handchirurgie UniversitätsSpital Zürich)

In 2013, as a fellow of the Leonardo Program, I gained valuable knowledge regarding modern hand and wrist surgeries in Germany, at the Hand and Plastic Surgery Orthopedic Clinic Markgröningen (Hand und Plastische Chirurgie Orthopädische Klinik Markgröningen).

In 2016 I had the opportunity, provided by the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society, to visit the world-renowned Hand Clinic for Hand and Wrist  Surgery and Microsurgery in Spain ( Dr. Piñal y Asociados: Cirugía de mano, muñeca y microcirugía – Santander)

Also in 2016, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand granted me the opportunity to visit numerous hand clinics in the United States:

Mayo Clinic-Rochester Hospital for Special Surgery-New York,

Massachusetts General Hospital,

Loyola University Medical Center .


Since 2015, I have regularly organized  theoretical and practical training courses for hand surgeons and future hand surgeons.

In 2020, under my supervision, a mandatory refresher course for hand surgeons was successfully held after a long interval. The course hosted well-known professionals, so the participants were able to acquire excellent academic knowledge and practical skills as well.


Academic achievements:

I completed my PhD degree at  the Rácz Károly Doctoral School of Theoretical Medicine at Semmelweis University in 2019. Presently I am an active and accredited PhD supervisor for PhD students, two of whom have defended their theses. I regularly publish in domestic and international journals as well.

Hungarian and foreign-language PhD students and thesis writers

were and still are under my supervision for their publications and thesis essays. I am a regular (and sometimes invited) speaker and organizer at domestic and international hand surgery conferences and congresses. I was honored to serve as the chair of scientific organizing committees at these events several times.


At our clinic we take extraordinary steps towards creating a child friendly atmosphere, this way the assessment, the physical therapy, and the possible application of the dressings and splints are not a negative experience for our younger patients.