Tarsoly Dorottya


Dorottya Tarsoly



Specialisation: post-operative rehabilitation

"My aim is to provide as much support as possible to my patients to help them recover faster and more effectively."



2015-2019: Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences

Nursing and Patient Care - Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Patient Care - Specialization in Physiotherapy


Continuing education, courses:

MSR in Sports and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (2021)

Balance Academy

Evidence Based Medicine in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (2021)

KOR-NO movement studio

McKenzie course "A" course (2021)

McKenzie Institute Hungary

I studied at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University.

After graduating college, I worked at the Manninger Jenő Trauma Institute, where I am currently working in the inpatient ward, providing early mobilisation to patients who have undergone traumatological and orthopaedic surgery, helping them in the rehabilitation process and avoiding the appearance of possible hindering factors. During their stay in hospital, my patients learn the basics for subsequent mobility therapy, ensuring that they can return to their daily activities as soon as possible. My work has given me a broad insight into the complex care of accident victims. I also had the opportunity to conduct clinical placements in English for physiotherapy students from abroad.

My main goal is to provide as much support as possible to my patients to help them recover faster and more effectively. In my work I strive to provide a reassuring atmosphere and build trust.

The hand is the most expressive and one of the most important parts of the human body and its rehabilitation requires meticulous work. I believe that a high level of attention and personalised care is essential in the rehabilitation of hand surgery patients.

Overall, I am happy to be involved in the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone various types of surgery